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The pool opens Memorial Day weekend and closes Labor Day weekend.

Poolside Fun

Summer means pool time for adults and children. Graymere's pool area features a full-size swimming pool, children's wading pool (kiddie pool), an open air poolside pavilion with snack bar, and full service staff for drinks and food.

With the poolside food and beverage service, you won't have to disappoint the kids by leaving the pool to order lunch. The pool snack bar is open every day during pool hours. Members may also order from the dining room menu when the kitchen is open.

Whether you are cooling off after a round of golf, tennis set or simply soaking up the sun, the pool serves as a center of activity during the warm summer months.


Pool Area Games

During break periods, pool goers can use the covered patio to relax and watch the children swing and play.

Little ones may play in the central grassy area or on the swing set and slide. Adults and children alike will enjoy the outdoor games, such as corn hole and giant Jenga.

Enjoy your favorite ice cream treat and then back to the pool!

Pool Rules

Guest Prices are $8.00 for adults and $4.00 per child.

Swimming Rules

1. Admission to the pool is limited to members in good standing, their families and proper guests (those registered).

2. Admission to the pool is refused to all persons having any contagious disease or infectious condition.

3. Only proper apparel will be allowed in pool; no shorts or cut offs.

4. Food, drinks, gum and tobacco products will be allowed in designated areas only.

5. Please dispose of all trash in proper containers.

6. There will be a 10 minute break every hour whereby only individuals 18 and over may use the pool. (No lifeguards will be on duty for those ten minutes.)

7. No child will be permitted to swim in the deep end and unaccompanied by an adult unless they have passed a swim test to include swimming one (1) length of the pool and treading water for at least 60 seconds.

8. Floats are not allowed in the pool. Armbands and pool toys will only be allowed in the shallow end and will be restricted by lifeguards on duty should they become dangerous to the patrons of the pool.

9. No glass shall be permitted in the pool area.

10. No diving in water less than 5 feet deep.

11. No dogs or other pets will be permitted in the pool area.

12. No running or rough play will be allowed in the pool area.

13. No ball playing in the pool area.

14. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

15. Babysitters, age 15 and older, unaccompanied by member are admitted at no charge.


Diving Board Rules

1. Only one person at a time on the diving board.

2. One bounce only.

3. Dive only off the front of the board.

4. Always check the area around the diving board before entering the pool.

5. After diving, please swim directly to the side of the diving area.

6. No handstands or sitting on diving board.

7. Do not hang on the diving board.

8. No flotation devices on the diving board or in the diving area.

Note: Private coolers are not allowed on the golf course or in the pool area.

Pool Parties & Events

The club frequently holds summer events by the pool, whether it is live music or a luau with hor d'oevres and cocktails.

Many members host birthday parties at the pool, with food and cake festivities held in the open air snack bar.

Members have also used the pool are for wedding events.


To find out more about our holding a party in the pool area, please refer to our Private Events page (under Events page).

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