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Graymere  is proud of its history as an enduring part of Maury County and surrounding counties. What began as a purchase of 106 acres from the estate of John M. Gray of "Graymere Farms" in 1924 is what now constitutes more than 140 acres, incorporating the Graymere Country Club golf course, clubhouse, pool area and tennis courts. 

Our first golf tournament was held in 1925, as well as our first Christmas Dinner Dance in the clubhouse, an event that is still going strong today. 1938 marked the year for the first hole-in-ones with two gentlemen achieving the honor.

In 1943, the first clubhouse burned down to the ground in one hour. Plans were made to rebuild, but because of a shortage of materials owing to World War II, the clubhouse plans had to be redesigned on a smaller scale. In the late 1990s, the board voted to tear down the existing clubhouse and build a third and larger one, which was completed in April of 1999.

In August of 2008, the lake and paved golf cart paths were completed. June 8th, 2014 marked the 90th anniversary of Graymere Country Club and its distinction of being one of the first 500 country clubs established in the USA.

See below for a historical timeline of Graymere that spans more than 98 years.


June 1924 - 106 acres to be purchased from the John M. Gray Estate, known as "Graymere" Farms.

June 8, 1924 - Charter of Incorporation executed by W.P. Ridley, Chairman; George T. Hughes Jr.; Eugene Anderson, W.A. Dale

June 16, 1924 - First meeting held at the Century Club for future members of the country club. Mr. Livingstone from Belle Meade Club was present to advise and provide council on location and construction of clubhouse, golf course and other features.

June 29, 1924 - Graymere is selected name for Columbia's country club. Meeting held at the Century Club.

April 1925 - Constitution and By-Laws were created.

Officers: W.P. Ridley, President; Hugh T. Shelton, Vice President; John N. Pigg, Secretary/Treasurer

Directors: Eugene Anderson; Col. E. L. Armstrong; W.A. Hale; C.P. Hatcher; G.T. Hughes Jr.; H.G. Kittrell; T. Ernest Redman; W.P. Ridley; Dr. O.M. Trousdale: H. Allison Webster; Dr. J.W. Wilkes

April 9, 1925 - Letter to members from J.N. Pigg concerning dues. Also ¾ of funds (indebtedness) applies to clubhouse, ¼ of funds to golf course. Total debt - $20,000.

July 4, 1925 - First golf tournament. James Cecil was the winner.

July 9, 1925 - First dinner and dance in the new clubhouse.

1936 - Tillman Knox began his association with Graymere as caddie.

1938 - Dr. S.D. Alexander made 1st Hole-in-One on the 9th green; 2nd Hole-in-One made by Nim Detherage.

May 4, 1943 - Clubhouse burned to the ground in approximately 1 hour.

May 19, 1943 - Plans made for new smaller clubhouse because of WWII materials essentials.

Aug 28, 1958 - 36.47 acres purchased for addition to golf course.

1969 - 18 holes completed for play.

1977 - Aluminum bridge completed after previous 2 were destroyed by flooding.

1988 - Converted bermuda greens to bent grass greens.

1993 - Installed automated irrigation for the entire golf course

April, 1999 - New clubhouse completed and old clubhouse torn down. 10th hole redesigned.

August, 2008 - Lake and paved cart paths completed.

June 8, 2014 - 90th Anniversary. One of the first 500 country clubs established in the USA.

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